Improve your pronunciation (for Spanish speakers)

1. Consonant sounds at the end of words: client, product, text, twelfth, honest

2. M at the end of words, not [N]: time, lime, game, some, crime, flame

3. S between 2 vowels pronounced as [Z]: music, result, easy, season, cousin

4. Y pronunciation, not [J]: yogurt, year, yellow, yes, YouTube

5. R pronunciation: earring, red, round, ready, robot

6. Similar vowels are pronounced the same: me, list, lip, sheep, meat

7. V pronunciation, not [B] : victory, vowel, vegan, violet, van

8. H pronunciation: hi, how, hope, hop, hamburger

9. ST pronunciation: stable, straw, street, stone, stop

10. TH pronunciation, not D: that, this, those, these, father

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