I was looking for a teacher to teach my Ukrainian girlfriend english. She was using a teacher that used the old soviet method of teaching which is heavy on reading and writing. I wanted her to work on speaking english. After a year and a half I still could not have a conversation with my girlfriend. I am glad I found Irina. My girlfriend has been taking lessons for five months and has made very good progress. We can have conversations now and her vocabulary is improving all the time. I am very pleased at the progress she is making and I think the rate is very reasonable.
Robert Raymond (Wisconsin, USA) 2013

I’d highly recommend Irina to anyone who wants to learn Russian. I’ve had the pleasure of taking Irina’s online lessons for three months, and thanks to her my Russian has went from zero to basic conversational level. She has not only helped me achieve this remarkable improvement, but also develop a joy and motivation towards studying Russian. She’s very professional and always well-prepared for each lesson. She emails me the lesson materials in advance so that I can preview it and prepare any questions I might have. Then, after the lesson she sends me voice recordings of the same lesson material for my listening. These well-structured lessons have helped me build a solid foundation for my Russian. Irina is also patient. She doesn’t mind going at a comfortable pace for me. She’s very good at not overloading me with too much grammar but knows the appropriate time to teach it. I’m extremely satisfied with Irina’s lessons and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Good luck with your Russian!
Chisholm J. O’Neil (Seattle, USA) 2013

When I start my lessons with Irina , I thought I never learn this language because Russian language is very hard , it take 1 week for me to learn zdrastvuete , but the patient of Irina and the way of teaching was very good and interesting I take 49 lessons and I was eager to have the next lesson . now I can manage when I go to Belarus and I did not have enough time other wise I think I was going to speak good if I take another 20 lessons.Thanks Irina, wish you success.
Fouad Mamand Hamad (Kurdistan, Iraq) 2012

I started to learn Russian with Irina in this April. As my mother tongue is quite different from Russian. It’s difficult for me to learn Russian.
Until now, I feel very good with Irina’s course. She is patient and responsible for her teaching. I learned a lot from her and feel very happy with it. I will continue my Russian study with Irina and hopefully I can speak fluent Russian in two or three years. Thanks for Irina’s course. Thanks so much to you. If possible, I will come by and visit you in the future when I travel to Prague in vacation. 🙂
Li WEI (born in China, based in Norway) 2014

Хочу поблагодарить- Ирину, спасибо Вам большое! Очень нравится заниматься с Вами изучением чешского языка! Вы действительно подбираете индивидуальный подход к каждому ученику. И обьясняете все понятно! Спасибо, Вам за Ваше терпение! Не думала раньше,что по скайпу можно так эффективно заниматься. Мне очень это подходит. Продолжу дальнейшее свое обучение только у Вас!                                                               Екатеринa Волошинa (Калининград, Россия) 2013

Так получилось, что обучаться мы с мужем начали, когда я уже была в положении. Поэтому учеба наша продлилась не долго, всего три месяца. Но! За это время мы многому научились. Ирина Дмитриевна легко и свободно преподносит материал и, что важно, подбирает индивидуальный подход к людям, исходя из их целей! Как только малыш подрастет и у меня появится свободное время, я обязательно возобновлю обучение! Спасибо 🙂       Татьянa Нефедьевa (Москва, Россия) 2013

I have been studying Russian with Irina for almost two years. She has helped to make great progress. As anyone knows who has tried to learn this language, it is very difficult. Irina has taught me the workings of the grammar and how to actually use the many words forms. I look forward to continuing to study with her until I am comfort speaking Russian.
Jay Kobza (Olympia, USA) 2013

I studied Russian in college and lived in Moscow for 2 years, so my level is not a beginner. I was looking for someone who could help me with more intermediate and advanced grammar that was confusing me and Irina was great at explaining the concepts to me with many examples. Also, her Russian pronunciation is quite pleasing compared to a lot of people I’ve met over the years (just like in English, there are some accents which are more pleasing than others) and she articulates very clearly.
She is also an excellent English speaker so she can cover topics in either language with ease. I would really recommend her for Russian lessons for any level.
Jameson Stillwell (Florida, USA) 2013

I am an Irish student of Irina’s and I can highly recommend her. She is a good and constant corrector and to be corrected in real time is a key element in making progress! I wish her good luck in her Russian teaching! Brian Hennessy (Ireland, UK) 2014

I’ve been learning russian with Irina for 6 months (home lessons). I made great progress thanks to her and I really appreciate her professional and personnal approach to her native language. 
Merci Irina, see you tomorrow! Barbara Silhan (Strasbourg, France) 2013

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